The Alliance Big Data in France

About the Alliance Big Data

The Alliance Big Data was formed in 2013 to contribute to the “construction of a common vision and promote the development of new projects and services in the area of Big Data” in France. The Alliance was initiated by Aproged, Cap Digital, ADBS, GFII, and the Institut Mines-Télécom.

Partners  of this Alliance

In addition to Aproged, Cap Digital, ADBS, GFII, and the Institut Mines-Télécom, other partners have joined the Alliance Big Data, including CEA Tech List, ADETEM,  CIGREF,  EGE, SFIBUniversity of La Rochelle, the Groupe IES ESCP Europe Alumni, Finance et Innovation, and Systematic.
For a list of all partners, please visit Alliance Big Data’s Partners web page.
The Alliance is sponsored by TEMIS, Alma Consulting Group, Exalead, Capgemini, GDF-Suez, Jamespot et Kappa Santé (see more details and updates here).








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